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Vivienne Gallo Design maintains a keen interest in the world of bridal fashion. Whether it's the latest wedding accessories, or an emerging designer wedding show, Vivienne Gallo Design will cast an expert eye over the latest chair cover and linen hire trends.

  1. Has Lady Gaga been shopping for wedding chair covers?

    16 Aug 2012

    Lady Gaga has been the subject of recent wedding speculation, but is she planning on hiring luxury chair covers?

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  2. Luxury wedding gifts: Brad Pitt spends £250k on a gold watch

    14 Aug 2012

    Brad Pitt has been splashing the cash on a special pre-wedding gift.

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  3. Britney Spears 'undecided on wedding hire plans'

    01 Aug 2012

    The US star doesn't know how she wants to style her wedding, judging by reports.

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  4. Kirsten Dunst steals the limelight in white wedding dress

    31 Jul 2012

    Being a bridesmaid is a pretty tough gig, especially if you're Kirsten Dunst.

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  5. Jennifer Hudson explains her wedding dress design

    25 Jul 2012

    Why not take a leaf out of Jennifer Hudson’s book and style your own wedding accessories?

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  6. Natalie Portman ‘set to hire chair covers this summer’

    19 Jul 2012

    Chair covers could be on Natalie Portman’s shopping list.

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  7. Holly Valance's nuptials 'the height of luxury wedding hire'

    10 Jul 2012

    Will Holly and Nick's wedding be the biggest extravaganza of the year?

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  8. Jessica Simpson’s winter wedding could include chair covers

    09 Jul 2012

    One American songstress could hire wedding chair covers this winter.

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  9. Historic hall in Leicestershire could accommodate chair cover hire

    12 Jun 2012

    Braunstone Hall in Leicestershire could be an excellent place to hire chair covers.

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  10. Will Jennifer Aniston hire wedding chair covers?

    11 Jun 2012

    One Hollywood star has been asked about her future wedding plans.

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  11. Are luxury chair covers on Justin Timberlake’s radar?

    30 May 2012

    Justin Timberlake might be set to hire chair covers for his 2012 wedding.

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  12. Courtney Love’s art show features eye-catching wedding dress

    23 May 2012

    A striking wedding dress comprises part of Courtney Love’s New York art show.

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  13. Will Drew Barrymore hire chair covers for weddings?

    16 May 2012

    Chair covers could be on Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman’s shopping list.

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  14. Drew Barrymore “very much in love” as she prepares summer wedding

    11 May 2012

    Luxury chair covers are favoured by high-profile celebrities on both sides of the Atlantic.

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  15. Quirky wedding invitations could inform chair cover decisions

    02 May 2012

    There is something unique about luxury chair covers, just like many wedding accessories.

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  16. Corrie star could hire chair covers for weddings

    16 Apr 2012

    One soap star could be set to decorate her wedding venue with luxury chair covers.

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  17. Complement your chair covers with bespoke accessories and jewellery

    11 Apr 2012

    Luxury chair covers look beautiful alongside dazzling jewellery.

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  18. Eco-friendly chair cover hire could impress Natalie Portman

    02 Apr 2012

    Wedding chair covers and accessories are enough to impress any bride.

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  19. Has last year’s royal wedding sparked boost in chair cover hire?

    10 Feb 2012

    The public has a strong appetite for wedding chair cover hire.

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  20. How the Queen might have shaped Prince William’s chair cover plans

    01 Feb 2012

    When organising a wedding, couples are often keen to get some good advice about their guest list, outfits, decorations, lighting and chair covers.

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  21. “Will and Kate effect” sees rise in church weddings and chair covers

    20 Jan 2012

    Chair covers are being fitted in a range of church wedding ceremonies, if new figures are to be believed.

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  22. “Fairytale” wedding for Kim Kardashian could inspire chair cover customers

    18 Jan 2012

    It takes a lot to inspire discerning chair cover customers, but news of Kim Kardashian's wedding could do the trick.

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  23. “Monochromatic” linen hire choices are big in 2011

    05 Dec 2011

    Whilst it's sometimes great to make a statement with your linen hire choices, there are some altogether more subtle hues that are popular this year.

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  24. A special day for Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch - but what about the wedding accessories?

    29 Nov 2011

    Chair covers are fast becoming essential fixtures of a wedding, and news that Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch have tied the knot at the Stapleford Park Hotel, Leicestershire, has attracted the attention of Vivienne Gallo Design.

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  25. Did Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz hire chair covers for their special day?

    25 Oct 2011

    Celebrity weddings offer a good opportunity to see the latest luxury chair covers, which is why Vivienne Gallo Design took a special interest in the wedding of Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz.

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  26. “Fairytale” wedding for Kim Kardashian could inspire chair cover customers

    14 Oct 2011

    It takes a lot to inspire discerning chair cover customers, but news of Kim Kardashian's wedding could do the trick.

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  27. Kiss rocker might want wedding chair covers for hire

    07 Oct 2011

    Undoubtedly, chair covers are popular among those who love to decorate their event spaces in beautiful ways. And one star who might want to scour the market for luxury chair covers is Kiss front man Gene Simmons.

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  28. Wedding news: Jessica Simpson might go shopping for chair covers

    30 Sep 2011

    Chair covers are all the rage stateside, especially if Jessica Simpson's wedding plans include chair cover hire.

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  29. "Modern and chic" Zara Phillips dress could complement chair covers

    08 Sep 2011

    Chair covers could make an appearance at a high-profile royal wedding this year, if Zara Phillips' wedding plans are anything to go by.

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  30. A delightful wedding hire choice for Kate Moss on her special day

    02 Sep 2011

    Did Kate Moss hire chair covers for her special day?

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  31. A special day for Abbey and Peter - but what wedding accessories did they choose?

    19 Aug 2011

    It's fair to say that luxury chair covers hold plenty of appeal for celebrity footballers.

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  32. Luxury chair cover hire could be on Frank Lampard's radar

    02 Aug 2011

    Chair covers that have a luxurious feel could impress one football star.

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  33. Apprentice winner could choose chair covers for his wedding

    19 Jul 2011

    The winner of The Apprentice might be on the lookout for chair covers and linen hire.

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  34. Is Noel Gallagher a fan of luxury chair cover hire?

    11 Jul 2011

    Luxury linen hire could appeal to a wide range of wedding hire customers.

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  35. Will Britney Spears be on the lookout for luxury chair cover hire?

    29 Jun 2011

    Britney Spears might want to search for luxury chair covers and linen hire.

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  36. How white dresses can complement your wedding accessories

    21 Jun 2011

    White dresses look fantastic alongside chair covers.

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  37. Chair cover hire news: Keira Knightley makes a “stunning” bridesmaid

    18 Jun 2011

    Luxury wedding accessories have made the headlines recently.

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  38. Luxury chair covers: Lily Allen's wedding 'could be a wellies and dungarees affair'

    08 Jun 2011

    Lily Allen's wedding could inspire chair cover hire customers.

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  39. Edgy London designs could inform linen hire choices

    04 Jun 2011

    Chair covers and linen hire can be influenced by London designs.

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  40. Could chair covers and lilies make an appearance at Lily Allen's wedding?

    01 Jun 2011

    Lily Allen might pick luxury chair covers for her wedding.

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  41. Luxury linen hire: Tara Palmer-Tomkinson looks brilliant in blue

    30 May 2011

    Royal linen hire could inspire your chair cover decisions.

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  42. Why chair covers at Cliveden House could impress Girls Aloud star

    24 May 2011

    Luxurious chair cover hire could be popular among wedding organisers.

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  43. Could the House of Commons become the ultimate venue for luxury chair cover hire?

    19 May 2011

    A fantastic new chair cover hire venue could be on the cards.

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  44. Ready-to-wear fashion could influence chic wedding hire ideas

    09 May 2011

    Fashion ideas can influence your chair cover hire decisions.

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  45. Why not try luxury linen hire the Irina Shayk way?

    03 May 2011

    Luxury linen hire can look truly stylish.

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  46. Why chair covers and linen hire may attract Westminster's power players

    01 May 2011

    Some of the most famous people in the UK can make the most of chair cover hire.

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  47. Expect luxury chair covers at Caleb and Lily's rock n'roll wedding

    29 Apr 2011

    Chair cover hire is popular with members of rock n'roll royalty.

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  48. Linen hire ideas: Why outrageous fashion trends are taking the catwalk by storm

    28 Apr 2011

    Funky linen hire ideas are proving a hit with wedding organisers.

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  49. Hats off to the latest must-have designer wedding accessories

    27 Apr 2011

    Wedding accessories can include gorgeous hats.

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  50. A fairytale venue for luxury chair cover hire: Lambton Castle

    24 Apr 2011

    Castles are magical places to introduce chair covers.

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  51. Which London Fashion Week stars could inspire wedding hire ideas?

    19 Apr 2011

    London Fashion Week features tons of brilliant wedding accessories.

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  52. Why beautiful chair covers and the beautiful game are a winning combination!

    18 Apr 2011

    Chair covers look great in unique venues.

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  53. Alexandra Palace wedding event set to showcase designer chair covers

    10 Apr 2011

    One London venue could be an extraordinary place to hire chair covers.

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  54. Where could be better to introduce wedding chair covers than the Four Seasons Heron Tower?

    06 Apr 2011

    London is blessed with countless chair cover hire venues.

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  55. A lavish new place to dress luxury chair covers in London

    02 Apr 2011

    London is a great city for luxury chair cover hire.

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  56. Royal wedding excitement could spark ideas for chair covers and linen hire

    26 Mar 2011

    The Royal wedding has inspired countless chair cover hire ideas.

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  57. Could Sixties-era beauty inspire linen hire ideas?

    19 Mar 2011

    Linen hire ideas could be influenced by the Sixties.

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  58. LeAnn Rimes 'planning her designer wedding hire strategy'

    19 Mar 2011

    Designer wedding hire has attracted the attention of one US star.

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  59. Magnificent St Pancras Renaissance Hotel could accommodate chair covers for weddings

    11 Mar 2011

    One London landmark could be a fantastic place to style chair covers.

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  60. Chair cover hire: How will Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall style their Royal wedding?

    09 Mar 2011

    It's fair to say that luxury chair cover hire is fit for royalty!

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  61. Timeless beauty to be found at the restored Savoy hotel

    05 Mar 2011

    Why not hire luxury chair covers and linen at the Savoy hotel?

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  62. How luxury chair covers can enhance the ambience of Reese Witherspoon's 'romantic wedding'

    04 Mar 2011

    Reese Witherspoon's wedding could inspire chair cover hire customers.

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  63. Luxury wedding hire: Bushra's stunning gown is the talk of Dubai

    03 Mar 2011

    Film stars are among the fans of designer wedding accessories.

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  64. Can Ottawa's chic contemporary vibe influence your chair cover hire decisions?

    27 Feb 2011

    Modern, sleek chair covers are proving popular this year.

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  65. Luxury wedding hire ideas 'taking Yorkshire by storm'

    18 Feb 2011

    Yorkshire wedding planners have a host of chair covers to select from this year.

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  66. A brilliant bridal fashion show at England's oldest cathedral

    17 Feb 2011

    Historic venues are an ideal place for luxury chair covers.

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  67. Could the latest Southbank hotel be the perfect wedding venue?

    14 Feb 2011

    The emergence of a central London hotel could encourage exciting wedding hire ideas.

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  68. Is Reese Witherspoon searching for luxury wedding hire ideas?

    10 Feb 2011

    One Hollywood actress has reportedly been searching the high street for some designer wedding hire ideas.

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  69. Designer Wedding Show set to take off

    08 Feb 2011

    If you're on the lookout for chair covers and linen hire, the Designer Wedding Show could fit the bill.

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  70. How will Kate Middleton style her Royal wedding?

    07 Feb 2011

    It could be said that luxury wedding accessories will feature in this year's most eagerly anticipated wedding.

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  71. A dose of designer chic at the newest Manchester fashion show

    04 Feb 2011

    Visitors to a new fashion show could check out a host of wedding accessories.

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  72. National Wedding Show to give brides-to-be a glimpse of stunning chair covers

    31 Jan 2011

    Chair cover and linen hire ideas could be formed at an upcoming wedding event in London.

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  73. Linen hire ideas: Effortless elegance at the Paris Fashion Week

    25 Jan 2011

    Paris Fashion Week could inspired brilliant linen hire ideas.

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  74. Why Lycra wedding chair covers could complement a Lycra dress!

    24 Jan 2011

    Lycra chair covers have a number of advantages.

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  75. Chair cover hire: How to create the perfect spring wedding

    15 Jan 2011

    Luxury chair covers can reflect the vision of wedding organisers.

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  76. Designer wedding hire: Cheryl Cole plans to help Sarah Harding find a dress

    14 Jan 2011

    One star looks set to give her expert view on luxury linen hire.

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  77. Kellie Pickler's designer dress could inspire wedding hire ideas

    10 Jan 2011

    One designer wedding hire gown has got everyone talking.

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  78. Is Chester Racecourse your designer wedding venue of choice?

    06 Jan 2011

    Chester Racecourse could appeal to those looking to stage a designer wedding.

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